About Us (Owner, Author)

Generally in About Us Page/Section People tell about themselves but this time it is different where I will be going to tell you the Purpose of this Blog “NISHANTAGGARWAL.IN” which is not a new Blog. And then I will also tell you about the Authors as well as the Owner of this Website who is Nishant Aggarwal.

Purpose of this Blog

As it is easy to judge this Blog with its name which is “NishantAggarwal.in” which is a personal Blog that is established by Nishant Aggarwal who is the Owner of this Blog.

But the main purpose of establishing this blog is to share more information on Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, and many other topics are there. And here you can learn all the things which are followed by India’s best Digital Marketers like Nishant Aggarwal, Sorav Jain, Digital Deepak, Digital Pratik, Deepak Singh(Think n Thrive), etc.

There are many case studies and marketing tech-tricks which everyone should know and that is a great thing to implement them on your Startup or Business.

Our Authors:

  1. Nishant Aggarwal (No.1 Digital Marketing Scientist)
  2. John Keeper (US Based Blogging Expert)
  3. Prateek Shah (Author)

Owner of this Blog

As you know that the Domain of the Blog is a name that’s why it is crystal clear that the Owner of this Blog is Nishant Aggarwal. And there is a Backend Team who is handling all the Stuff on the Blog.

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